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How to Have Swag and Look Fresh

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Heres how to have swag and look fresh!.


  1. THE LOOK Hair. Do something with your hair. Don't let it just sit there! I would reccomend getting a regular hair routine. Get it at a medium length and NEVER ever let your hair get past a medium length. Get it trimmed every 2 to 3 weeks. Spike it up with gel if you choose. If you do use gel, use spiker.
  2. Clothes. Good brands for clothes are: AKDMKS, Sean John, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Urban Outfitters, and LRG. V-Necks, Hoodies, Long sleeve shirts, and plaid button down shirts with a collar are the best styles for tops. For jeans get some low rise slim jeans, Or skinny jeans. If you go with skinnies, sag them.
  3. Shoes. For shoes try DCs, Nikes, Pastries, Pumas, Addidas or Converse. Always Mid or High top. Ony low top if they are super fresh.
  4. Accesories. Belts, Cool belt buckles, New Era 59FIFTY hats, and bling is good. For bling one chain and a watch is good.
  5. Walk witha slight slouch and attitude. Don't over do it though.
  7. Be nice to people and don't be cocky!
  8. Never bully anyone.
  9. Treat people, GIRLS especially, with respect.
  11. Work out at least twice a week.
  12. Crunches
  13. Sit ups
  14. and anything else you may want to do.


  • IN A NUTSHELL: Wear a V-Neck of one of the listed brands, with a plaid button down over it, slim or skinny jeans a belt a chain a watch and a hat. You can spike your hair instead of wearing a hat.
  • Good hair styles are fauxhawks, blowouts, or a gentlemens blow out, which is a blowout but just spiked in the front.
  • Don't go around bragging and being cocky.
  • Be nice!


  • Don't overdo it.
  • Change slowly.

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